Footprints & Fragrance in the Outback

Far from civilization, battling flies, heat and prejudice, the authors’ parents, Bob and Ethel Stewart, worked with indigenous primitive tribes. Marvel at their faith as they grapple with challenging conditions, assimilate vast cultural differences, and survive incredible adventures.

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ISBN: 0-7414-1922-X ©2004


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Author: Marilyn Stewart

With husband John & Poms

Dot painting by Western
Australian Aborigine – Marna Walker Goodwin

depicting stories from Marilyn’s life.

Child of the Outback

“I found it a 'page turner!' and was up until 1:00 a.m. reading – couldn't put it down.” Kelly

“Finished your excellent book in one sitting. It’s a smashing good story. I give it two thumbs up!” Keith

“A fascinating autobiography written with rare transparency!” Guy

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ISBN: 0-7414-0303-X ©2000

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